Backpacking Adventures in Australia

Backpacking in Australia

If you’re just dying to travel and you’re single – never fear. Australia is really safe to travel even if you’re single and looking at backpacking just to get away. There are some awesome destinations and tours in Australia that just lend themselves to solo travel. From Australia’s mysterious and exquisite outback to its pristine beaches, mountains and rivers, as a backpacker you can get right to the very heart of these fantastic destinations. But remember that just because you’re single or maybe you don’t want a travel buddy even, there are some excellent group tours for young people or for more senior travellers. Australia has its own superb travel agencies who are there for you and they’ll create group trips or trips for solo travellers. Backpacking in Australia is designed to be carefree, affordable and magical. See Australia or any other safe, fun destinations for that matter. If you’re a self-confessed traveller, you owe it to yourself not to miss out because fun and adventure is waiting for all you single-ites.


How safe is Australia for women travellers?

Australia and New Zealand are probably two of the safest countries for women who want to travel without any male companionship. There is a thriving backpacker culture in Australia, so big cities and small towns both welcome women backpackers and travellers. This, however, does not apply to all of Oceania, for the traditions and culture in the Pacific Islands are rather different.

Like any other country, Australia has it’s own share of problems. This is the reason why you should exercise basic caution when travelling alone. There are some areas that are considered dodgy and you should try researching on these places so you don’t end up there by mistake. You should certainly not try travelling alone in the Outback or any of the remote areas in Australia, either.

Women Backpackers in Australia

If you would feel more comfortable, you could try researching a list of hotels that are women-friendly. Many backpackers hotels have women-only floors, in case that would make you feel safer. Greyhound buses are a safe mode of transport for those who do not wish to backpack, as well.

As long as you exercise basic caution (as much as you would in your home town), you will be able to have an amazing holiday in Australia.