Travelling in the Desert

Travelling in a desert is a liberating experience. It has its own thrills and challenges. However deserts pose many challenges even for the experienced hikers. Lack of water, shifting landscape and extreme temperatures make it really difficult.

Desert Travel

Travelling in Desert

But a little bit of preparation goes a long way in making the trip through a desert enjoyable.

  • Do not travel alone – Always travel in groups in a desert. Even a camel does not travel alone, in spite of being well equipped to brave the sun.
  • Check weather – Dust storms can be a grave threat in the deserts. Modern forecasts are however very accurate. Always check with the forecast before travelling.
  • Proper dressing – Wear cotton dress which is loose to feel comfortable. Tight dress or short dresses are a complete no. The temperature drops appreciably in the night, so carry warm clothes as well.
  • Hydration – Keep drinking water, as the heat in the desert dehydrates your body. Keep energy bars handy to keep up the sugar level.
  • Carry GPS – With similar landscapes for miles you may be easily lost. Keeping a GPS helps you to find where you are and keeps you on track.
  • Walk steady – When walking keep a slow and steady pace. Do not stretch yourself, and take proper rest breaks.
  • Quick sand – Keep a stick and prod your way through. Many cases of quick sand drowning have been reported.
  • Animals – Most of the animals are nocturnal, but you may find some snakes and scorpions. They are extremely venomous. Beware!!!!!

Taking the necessary precautions, desert travel can really be enjoyable. You will enjoy the vast emptiness!!!!