Don’t Underestimate Brisbane for a Great Aussie City Experience


Have you noticed that people who visit Australian cities always seem to gravitate towards Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. I think Brisbane is a fabulous city and is actually underrated. Its an attractive city for starts, set alongside the Brisbane River, and its hot, humid Summers allow for plenty of outdoor events and activities, and I love the vibey cosmopolitan feel of the city. Its got everything for city lovers and lots of parklands for the outdoorsy types like me. There are lots of awesome places to cycle, especially the tracks along the river, and believe it or not, there is even a man-made beach.


I love live theatre, and Brisbane hasĀ  lots of theatres, so when I was there I saw a couple of live shows at the Playhouse Theatre and the Lyric Theatre. Fortitude Valley is a great attraction for those who like to be entertained at night and you’ll find lots of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, a lively atmosphere and definitely not for anyone who loves their peace and quiet. Next time you’re in Australia, try Brisbane – there is so much to see and lots of great tourist accommodation too – I was really impressed