Lizard Island if You’re After Seclusion

Australia has gorgeous beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef offers everything for the Australian traveller, of which breathtaking beaches are just one. The Great Barrier Reef in itself has been blessed with the most awesome beauty the world has seen and is the world’s largest coral reef. Just take a look at Lizard Island for instance. Pretty expensive it is with accommodation offering all you want for a luxury stay on the island. In this day and age, I’m willing to pay for a private villa where you can wander onto about 23 different secluded clean beaches, enjoy a beach picnic  without the fear of sharing with hordes of other people.

Great Barrier Reef - A must place to visit

With more than  1000 hectares of national park and the bluest, clearest water you’ve seen,  the marine life here is renowned around the world and offers the most sensational diving opportunities you can imagine, with the Ribbon Reefs being known for big game fishing. The resort’s focus is on providing seclusion and cool water sport activities on the Great Barrier Reef, including diving trips. I’m willing to pay for the privilege of snorkelling right at your doorstep from islands surrounded by coral reefs and exquisite nature and to actually return from a getaway feeling utterly re-energised.