5 Tips for Safe Travel for Women

I would not say that it is unsafe to travel alone in Australia. In spite of the safety, crimes against single travelling women are not absent. Just by being a bit careful you can escape being in trouble.

Solo Travel Women

Travelling SOLO!!!!!

Here are a few small things you need to take care. Rather put them in your routine when you go out.

  1. Look relaxed – There can be situations when you panic. This is the moment the lifters are looking for. Even in an emergency situation look relaxed. It will help you a lot.
  2. Be dressed correctly – This is not about liberation of women or other stuff. Dressing properly with less skin showing, draws attention away and helps you be safe.
  3. Take the public transport – It is always safer in busy places. So when you are travelling always take the public transport. An attack in crowded places is less likely.
  4. Use GPS and Google maps – We generally ask another person, who is a local for directions. Sometimes they take advantage. Rely on GPS and Google maps on your phone. They are pretty accurate.
  5. Watch your purse – It does not mean always keep shuffling. The best way is to keep an indirect look and seeming not to pay much attention. Keep all your documents and most of the money in deeper pockets.