Mountain biking in Brisbane

The best tracks for mountain biking in Brisbane

The tracks in Brisbane are riveting and in some of the most beautiful areas of the world, and this is precisely why mountain biking is such a popular and enthralling hobby or sport. It’s not as if they keep the best mountain biking in Brisbane to the professionals. These tracks are available for those just starting out with mountain biking; there are tracks for every skills level. Experts say that mountain biking in Brisbane has literally taken off. Every weekend some 22,000 people head off into the hills, forests and mountain biking parks. mountain bike riding on Mt Coot-tha is always a popular choice, because of the fantastic network of tracks, and trails. There are 31 kilometres of multi-use trails, and it’s not only mountain bikers who use them, but everyone who loves nature; cyclists, hikers, strollers, and even horse riders. Mountain-bike riding is one hang of an experience, and if you haven’t done it yet, these ‘International Mountain Bike Association’ rated tracks are beckoning you to take up a new hobby, and become involved in a wonderful lifestyle.

Flying; On board

Flying -Tips to Improve a Long Haul Flight

Flying can be uncomfortable and boring, but if you want to see the world it’s a necessity. Luckily there are plenty of little tips that can make your journey a lot more comfortable. The best Advice for a better long haul trip I ever received, was from a very glamorous older colleague. She traveled a lot and always looked immaculate, even straight off the plane. She told me she always wore a flight “uniform”, something comfortable and understated that you could get away wearing for a day or so in your destination if for any reason your hold luggage didn’t arrive with you. Her (and now also my) uniform was stretchy black pants, a comfy t-shirt, a cardigan, slip on shoes and a large scarf or a pashmina that can be folded for an extra pillow, wrapped around you if you get cold and finally to accessorize your outfit when you land. Pack an extra t-shirt and a pair of knickers in your hand-luggage too. So now you look good, make sure you feel good too. Flying dehydrates, so avoid alcohol and keep drinking water during the flight, it also helps to avoid that post flight grogginess. Apply lip-balm regularly throughout the flight and use a moisturizing spray for your face. Also pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, a sleep-mask, deodorant and a small bottle of your favorite cologne. Last but not least always carry a pack of baby-wipes, they are great for all sorts of things from wiping your hands before eating, to removing make-up to refreshing when no water is available. During the flight sleep if you can, move around the plane and always remove your make up before going to sleep.

Backpacking Adventures in Australia

Backpacking in Australia

If you’re just dying to travel and you’re single – never fear. Australia is really safe to travel even if you’re single and looking at backpacking just to get away. There are some awesome destinations and tours in Australia that just lend themselves to solo travel. From Australia’s mysterious and exquisite outback to its pristine beaches, mountains and rivers, as a backpacker you can get right to the very heart of these fantastic destinations. But remember that just because you’re single or maybe you don’t want a travel buddy even, there are some excellent group tours for young people or for more senior travellers. Australia has its own superb travel agencies who are there for you and they’ll create group trips or trips for solo travellers. Backpacking in Australia is designed to be carefree, affordable and magical. See Australia or any other safe, fun destinations for that matter. If you’re a self-confessed traveller, you owe it to yourself not to miss out because fun and adventure is waiting for all you single-ites.

Zika Virus Alert

Everybody is talking about Zika virus. Should you be worried about Zika virus when travelling to Australia?

The current Zika virus epidemic started in Brazil in May 2015 and has spread to many countries in South America.  There are only few cases of Zika virus that have been reported in West Australian. The people who had tested positively recently traveled to South America.

Aedes mosquitoZika virus is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are not found in West Australian. However, that does not mean that there are no Aedes species in Australian. There over 30 species of Aedes mosquitoes in Australia.  Some of these species include:

  1. Aedes aegypti found in Queensland.
  2. Aedes aculeatus which is found in northern NSW and southern QLD
  3. Aedes alboannulatus that is found in all states.
  4. Aedes alternans that is found in QLD, WA NSW, NT, VIC, SA,


The presence of these mosquito does not mean that you should not travel to Australia. From the reported cases, only two people have been infected. However, taking precaution should be considered especially for pregnant women.

Zika virus has been associated with birth defect called microcephaly where a baby is born with a small head.  Consider carrying or buying mosquito repellent and applying mostly during day time as Aedes mosquito’s only bites during day time.

Sign and symptoms includes rashes, fever, pain in the joints and red eyes (Conjunctivitis ). There is not medication or vaccination for Zika virus. The only protection is the precaution you take like applying mosquito repellent.


Don’t Underestimate Brisbane for a Great Aussie City Experience


Have you noticed that people who visit Australian cities always seem to gravitate towards Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. I think Brisbane is a fabulous city and is actually underrated. Its an attractive city for starts, set alongside the Brisbane River, and its hot, humid Summers allow for plenty of outdoor events and activities, and I love the vibey cosmopolitan feel of the city. Its got everything for city lovers and lots of parklands for the outdoorsy types like me. There are lots of awesome places to cycle, especially the tracks along the river, and believe it or not, there is even a man-made beach.


I love live theatre, and Brisbane has  lots of theatres, so when I was there I saw a couple of live shows at the Playhouse Theatre and the Lyric Theatre. Fortitude Valley is a great attraction for those who like to be entertained at night and you’ll find lots of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, a lively atmosphere and definitely not for anyone who loves their peace and quiet. Next time you’re in Australia, try Brisbane – there is so much to see and lots of great tourist accommodation too – I was really impressed

Lizard Island if You’re After Seclusion

Australia has gorgeous beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef offers everything for the Australian traveller, of which breathtaking beaches are just one. The Great Barrier Reef in itself has been blessed with the most awesome beauty the world has seen and is the world’s largest coral reef. Just take a look at Lizard Island for instance. Pretty expensive it is with accommodation offering all you want for a luxury stay on the island. In this day and age, I’m willing to pay for a private villa where you can wander onto about 23 different secluded clean beaches, enjoy a beach picnic  without the fear of sharing with hordes of other people.

Great Barrier Reef - A must place to visit

With more than  1000 hectares of national park and the bluest, clearest water you’ve seen,  the marine life here is renowned around the world and offers the most sensational diving opportunities you can imagine, with the Ribbon Reefs being known for big game fishing. The resort’s focus is on providing seclusion and cool water sport activities on the Great Barrier Reef, including diving trips. I’m willing to pay for the privilege of snorkelling right at your doorstep from islands surrounded by coral reefs and exquisite nature and to actually return from a getaway feeling utterly re-energised.

Travelling in Australia: Hazards to take care


Australia is a great place for travel because of the low crime rates and great roads. However the outback are a place where you will have to take care. There are natural hazards which should be feared. Ferratum Australia website has information on travelling in Australia.

Hazard No. 1 : Sun rays are the biggest natural hazard in Australia. Never ever venture out without proper clothing. Sun strokes are very common. Avoid direct rays by wearing hats and applying sunscreen lotions. It is a necessity while travelling in Australia even during cloudy days.

Hazard No.2 : Fires are another hazard. Take care with bush fires and jungle fires. They are really dangerous. There are warning signals for not lighting fire in certain areas. Adhere strictly as the area is fire prone. Also extinguish fires completely while camping. Camp fires have been known to wreak havoc.

Hazard No. 3 : Sharks and crocodiles are always there if you are near water bodies. Avoid swimming or venturing alone in sea or river. It will help to keep you safe from these predators.

Hazard No.4 : Poisonous animals like snakes and spiders are plentiful in Australia. Wear protective boots to avoid snake or spider bites and if bitten take immediate medical help. Medical care is extremely good and deaths due to poisonous bites are rare.

Hazard No.5 : Getting lost in wilderness is another risk. Your phone might also not work in some areas. Always carry spare tires and GPS while travelling in remote areas.

That is all for the hazards. Take care and enjoy the travel in the country of Kangaroos and Koalas.