Flying -Tips to Improve a Long Haul Flight

Flying can be uncomfortable and boring, but if you want to see the world it’s a necessity. Luckily there are plenty of little tips that can make your journey a lot more comfortable. The best Advice for a better long haul trip I ever received, was from a very glamorous older colleague. She traveled a lot and always looked immaculate, even straight off the plane. She told me she always wore a flight “uniform”, something comfortable and understated that you could get away wearing for a day or so in your destination if for any reason your hold luggage didn’t arrive with you. Her (and now also my) uniform was stretchy black pants, a comfy t-shirt, a cardigan, slip on shoes and a large scarf or a pashmina that can be folded for an extra pillow, wrapped around you if you get cold and finally to accessorize your outfit when you land. Pack an extra t-shirt and a pair of knickers in your hand-luggage too. So now you look good, make sure you feel good too. Flying dehydrates, so avoid alcohol and keep drinking water during the flight, it also helps to avoid that post flight grogginess. Apply lip-balm regularly throughout the flight and use a moisturizing spray for your face. Also pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, a sleep-mask, deodorant and a small bottle of your favorite cologne. Last but not least always carry a pack of baby-wipes, they are great for all sorts of things from wiping your hands before eating, to removing make-up to refreshing when no water is available. During the flight sleep if you can, move around the plane and always remove your make up before going to sleep.


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