Travelling in Australia: Hazards to take care


Australia is a great place for travel because of the low crime rates and great roads. However the outback are a place where you will have to take care. There are natural hazards which should be feared. Ferratum Australia website has information on travelling in Australia.

Hazard No. 1 : Sun rays are the biggest natural hazard in Australia. Never ever venture out without proper clothing. Sun strokes are very common. Avoid direct rays by wearing hats and applying sunscreen lotions. It is a necessity while travelling in Australia even during cloudy days.

Hazard No.2 : Fires are another hazard. Take care with bush fires and jungle fires. They are really dangerous. There are warning signals for not lighting fire in certain areas. Adhere strictly as the area is fire prone. Also extinguish fires completely while camping. Camp fires have been known to wreak havoc.

Hazard No. 3 : Sharks and crocodiles are always there if you are near water bodies. Avoid swimming or venturing alone in sea or river. It will help to keep you safe from these predators.

Hazard No.4 : Poisonous animals like snakes and spiders are plentiful in Australia. Wear protective boots to avoid snake or spider bites and if bitten take immediate medical help. Medical care is extremely good and deaths due to poisonous bites are rare.

Hazard No.5 : Getting lost in wilderness is another risk. Your phone might also not work in some areas. Always carry spare tires and GPS while travelling in remote areas.

That is all for the hazards. Take care and enjoy the travel in the country of Kangaroos and Koalas.


Great destinations to travel in a group

Group Travel

Vacations are best enjoyed when travelling in groups. It enhances the amount of fun you will have. Group travel is economic as well. You can share the local travel and stay expenses. Even air travel in group is cheaper. I love to travel in group chatting along and playing games.

Group travel also increases the safety. A group of people are definitely safer than a nuclear family. Staying is best at vacation rentals and you can share the expenses here too. It will be cheaper than normal living in your home town.

Cancun, Mexico

If you are coming to Cancun in a group then you will enjoy the stay.  Your friends and family will enjoy living in the local villas or apartments. You will get the real feel of the local culture.

You can go snorkeling of the coast at Isle Mujeres or enjoy the night life. Relax with your friends and be sure not to miss the beach parties. There are many great places to see in and around Cancun.

Chichen Itza – You can go see the ancient Mayan city in its ruins. It is a mesmerizing experience with all the old classical periodical scenery.

Underwater Museum – The underwater museum has many pieces of artefacts. It is an engaging experience when you go snorkeling or scuba diving in these waters.

Yorkshire, UK

The best of England is Yorkshire. You can see the castles and enjoy riding horses and going on mock fox-hunting. There is no dearth of adventure and if travelling in a group your enjoyment will be multiplied.

Fountains Abbey – A preserved ruin of Cistercian monasteries, you can really go back in time visiting the place. Located three miles south-west of Ripon. A great place for group visit.

York Minister – The highest chapel in Yorkshire is a must visit. The art on stained glass and the gothic design makes it a beautiful structure. A museum of religious artifacts in the basement will make your day.

Bask in the English countryside with your boots up in the amazing accommodations available even in the remote villages. That is Yorkshire for you.

Playa De Carmen, Mexico

Famous for the coral reefs and scuba diving Playa De Carmen is great for travelling with friends. You can go snorkeling and enjoy the clear and warm Caribbean waters. Grand Coral resort is good for renting accommodations for a group of people.

Xcaret – A Mayan civilization archaeological site Xcaret is a visitor’s delight. You can swim in the numerous pools of azure blue water or can take a ride on a wooden boat through the waterways.

Xplor theme park – The perfect place for a day of enjoyment with group. The theme based park will fill your day with fun and energy.

Phuket, Thailand

Over the last decade Phuket has grown as a vacation destinations. With wide-ranging options to relax and enjoy you can de-stress here. The amazing Thai cuisine and unique culture draws the tourists. A good place to enjoy with friends.

Escape Hunt – A live puzzle game full of action which requires five people to play. The challenge is to solve clues against the clock. Everyone above seven years can enjoy this brain teasing game. A special for groups as they can enjoy more.

Baan Teelanka – An upside down house is an architectural marvel. Yes it looks upside down from outside but has many adventures inside. Great place for group visit.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The most attractive location in USA. It is the place for people who love fashion and gambling. Gamble away and relax in the beautiful Nevada city.

Red rock canyon – You can go trekking and rick climbing. Also you can simply stroll through the natural marvel, which is a national conservation area.

Fremont Street experience – A pedestrian mall in down town Las Vegas, is a huge tourist attraction. It is not the normal mall. Visit with friends or family to know the difference.

Tuscany, Italy

The beautiful Italy will come to fore when you are travelling in a group. The nature is best enjoyed in company of friends or family. Soak in the nature and enjoy the Italian dishes in Tuscany. I never had a better pizza anywhere in the world.

Uffizi Gallery – The most popular male statue David by Michael Angelo is here. Do not miss the fun and visit the Uffizi Gallery for experience of renaissance art works.

Chianti’s Olive Groves – A visit to Tuscany is incomplete without seeing the olive groves. Just stroll through the plantation and enjoy some great Italian food cooked in olive oil.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Off late Colombo has become a great attraction for the tourists. The tea gardens and offerings of water sport has benefited the tourism industry in this trans-port city of Sri Lanka.

National Zoological Gardens – A great place to visit with kids and experience the nature. The park is unique as it has animals in open space and you can take a safari through the place. Toy trains are also available to have fun.

Beira Lake – Take a walk on the single lane way through the lake and experience the aquatic life from up close.

Munich, Germany

Enjoy the stay with the traditional German culture. The culture will really amaze you. The people are dead honest and are great hosts. You can enjoy the history with your friends. It is a bit expensive though.

Gothic Neues Rathaus – The town hall in the old town of Marienplatz is a place to experience the tradition of Germany.

Annual Oktoberfest – Visit Munich in October to enjoy the stupendous Oktoberfest with all the festivities.

London, UK

The English capital has the right mix of old and new. You can enjoy the cobbled street and the speedy metro at the same location. A must visit with friends once in life time. Enjoy the history and the technology in London with friends.

St. Paul’s Cathedral – The seat of the bishop of London, the Cathedral is an architectural beauty. Located on top of Ludgate hill the highest point of London.

London Bridge – Remember the London bridge from the famous nursery rhyme. A must visit place.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

A stretch on the Yucatan peninsula has many things to offer for the tourists. All inclusive packages in nature retreat homes and the reclusive yoga centers will make it a unique experience. You can also revere in the ancient Mayan culture of the place.

Akumal – The places of turtles. You can see the giant 500 pound turtles while snorkeling in these clear waters.

Cenotes – The natural sink holes can be explored in many ways. They are abundant in Riviera Maya. You can go snorkeling, cave diving, wading or swimming. Marvelous natural rock formation and stalagmites are there to explore and see.