Travelling in Australia: Hazards to take care


Australia is a great place for travel because of the low crime rates and great roads. However the outback are a place where you will have to take care. There are natural hazards which should be feared. Ferratum Australia website has information on travelling in Australia.

Hazard No. 1 : Sun rays are the biggest natural hazard in Australia. Never ever venture out without proper clothing. Sun strokes are very common. Avoid direct rays by wearing hats and applying sunscreen lotions. It is a necessity while travelling in Australia even during cloudy days.

Hazard No.2 : Fires are another hazard. Take care with bush fires and jungle fires. They are really dangerous. There are warning signals for not lighting fire in certain areas. Adhere strictly as the area is fire prone. Also extinguish fires completely while camping. Camp fires have been known to wreak havoc.

Hazard No. 3 : Sharks and crocodiles are always there if you are near water bodies. Avoid swimming or venturing alone in sea or river. It will help to keep you safe from these predators.

Hazard No.4 : Poisonous animals like snakes and spiders are plentiful in Australia. Wear protective boots to avoid snake or spider bites and if bitten take immediate medical help. Medical care is extremely good and deaths due to poisonous bites are rare.

Hazard No.5 : Getting lost in wilderness is another risk. Your phone might also not work in some areas. Always carry spare tires and GPS while travelling in remote areas.

That is all for the hazards. Take care and enjoy the travel in the country of Kangaroos and Koalas.


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